We have a wide range of accommodation options
  • Spa Cottage
    Max 6 persons+2 Children(extra bed)
    Our slightly more luxurious accommodation for the slightly smaller group or family. The cottage is located very beautifully right next to our pond. On the terrace facing the pond there is also a hot tub that you can sit and relax in in the evening. The cottage has downstairs and upstairs with 1 double room on each floor.
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  • Apartment
    Max 6 persons+2 children(Extra bed)
    Our nice, spacious apartment is great for the small group or a family. The apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 family bed and 1 bunk bed, large living room with sofa bed for 2 people and dining table, fully equipped kitchen, shower and toilet. Washer and dryer available. Stove, TV,
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  • Hostel
    11 rooms
    After a long day of activities, it is cozy to crawl into bed in our hostel. Experience the wings of history when you live in the accommodation
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  • Wooden huts
    Up to 10 people per tent
    You get a simpler accommodation if you choose our wooden huts. There is room for about 8-10 young people or 6-8 adults per tent. The tent huts have insulated wooden floors and it is rainproof! Packing as easily as possible for the best space and sleeping pads are recommended. The whole class can easily fit as we have 5 huts. Long table you can gather around in the evening and have board games etc. No sleeping equipment is included.
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Adventurecamp in Sovde

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Adventurecamp in Sovde